Stevee’s Acoustic Cut

Stevee – Acoustic Cut 

Stevee Acoustic Cut - 6-track acoustic EP

AGW’s founder, Steve Elliott (Stevee), has released an EP of acoustic material through AGW and – ACOUSTIC CUT is a seven-track compilation: three acoustic guitar instrumentals and four songs featuring strong acoustic guitar accompaniment. It’s a cool blend of folk, acoustic rock and fingerstyle.

The opener, Lucy’s Song Instrumental, is  an instrumental version of a lullaby Steve wrote for his daughter when she was born. Legend has it that Steve was compelled to pen the tune in order to get Lucy to sleep, apparently an almost impossible task! Then the writer had the tune for 25 years, always playing it, singing it on piano and guitar, but never actually recording it until 2016. The two acoustic guitars on Acoustic Cut weave together beautifully with the lead lines supplying filigree flourishes of fingerstyle, played by the great Russian fingerstyle guitarist Ilya Truhanov. They are supported by bass and a cajon to give it a percussive push. The arrangement also features wonder highlights from a squeeze box providing a haunting refrain. The next track is the vocal version of Lucy’s Song, which firmly nails that this is lullaby, a pretty beautiful one. The lyrics have a classic quality of radiant simplicity. Lucy’s Song is a wonderful modern lullaby underpinned by great acoustic guitar work.

The third piece on Acoustic Cut, Goodbye Mr Lenin, is a kind of modern folk song, except the hero isn’t a person or anything – it’s a city, Moscow! How everything changed so fast after Perestroika in the early 1990s. Before that Russia was a communist fortress, ruled with a rod of steel behind a curtain made of iron. The next 20 years saw a sea-change as the place opened up to the fleshpots and the mercantile interests of the West. The song reflects on these changes, in verses that see an old comrade ‘turn in his grave’ when he sees today’s Moscow girl with all her female charms and warpaint on full beam, immodest to some and beguiling to others. A story of East meets West! Musically the two acoustic guitars, played by Steve Elliott and Sasha Badajkov, combine to create a solid backing with a great piece of lead acoustic towards the end. All in all, Goodbye Mr Lenin is a real jewel of a song.

Next up is Lora’s Theme, a solo acoustic guitar outing that really captures a mood with its bold D minor arpeggiated opening. The Minor intro develops into a gorgeous A Major smoochy slow groove, the melody recapitulates via an interesting chord change and the tune ends with a beautiful descending cadence.

This is followed by a classic AGW country blues tune, Deep Blue, which features outstanding acoustic slide work from Rick Payne and vocals by Stevee. The next is an instrumental version of Scarborough Fair, featuring two acoustic guitars. Of course, the tune was made famous by Simon & Garfunkel, but it’s actually an ancient English fold song. The EP wraps up with Nickel in The Jar, a fantastic piece of country and perhaps the best track on the EP. The song is dedicated to street musicians and has a fantastic message.

The EP offers up a selction of very varied tunes and yet they unify here into a satisfying whole. Stevee,  Acoustic Cut… Add it to your digital music collection today for… The EP is priced at 3.99 pounds sterling, but apply the code – lora – to the order and you’ll get 50% off! Sound fair enough?

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