Acoustic Guitar ToneWoodAmp – unplugged heaven

Acoustic Guitar ToneWoodAmp – serious enhancement for your beloved box!


Despite having the word ‘amp’ in its name, the ToneWoodAmp allows you to play acoustic guitar with different effects, UNPLUGGED, ie no amp required – everything emanates organically from the guitar’s sound hole and the body itself.

The device connects via a magnet system to the back of your acoustic guitar and plugs into the jack input (yes, you need one of those!). And it only takes 5 minutes to install. No tools necessary and it makes no permanent impact on your guitar, which means you can use it with all your acoustic guitars. The unit produces an array of lush effects including reverb, echo, delay, tremolo and more, which interact with the natural sound of the guitar itself. Check out this demo by Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine.

It’s also a multi-effect processor – connect it to any Amp/PA system. It’s an iDevice interface too, allowing you to experiment with audio and MIDI apps. This really is a revolution in acoustic guitar amplification that’s taken great players such as George Benson, Al Di Meola, Vince Gill, James Valentine, Andy McKee, Kakki King and Mike Dawes by storm. More details of the acoustic guitar ToneWoodAmp – ‘the best thing ever to happen to your acoustic guitar’ – at

The video here is an official ToneWoodAmp demo by Becky Langan, an up and coming young British fingerstyle player, a real acoustic groove warrior.

More videos here..

“The ToneWoodAmp just makes me wanna play all day. Love the way it makes my guitar sound” – Andy McKee

“I think it is the single best product add on for the acoustic guitar that I’ve ever encountered.
My favorite thing about it is that you can record with it and you don’t have to add any reverb that might affect the noise floor of the room you’re in. So all the small pops and squeaks–even an arm brushing the top of the guitar–that you hear on a natural acoustic recording aren’t affected. It’s a sound that hasn’t ever been heard before, truly.” – Kakki King

If you would like to know more about acoustic guitar amplification in general, we reccomend this great and in depth article from You can read it here…

Have fun and keep up the picking!